Selecting a source model and registry file

Select the Rational Rose® model you want to import using the Import a Rose Model page of the Rational Rose Model Import wizard. You also use this page to specify a new or existing project to hold your model.

Before you begin

If possible, import your Rose model on the same machine that you used to create the Rose model. That way, Rose opens the model and related controlled units cleanly because it has access to the registry and any Rose add-in information such as stereotype configuration files used by the model.

About this task

Important: Rose path map registry files are critical when importing Rose models created in UNIX and Linux environments. If you are importing a Rose model in a Linux environment, you must create a registry file. In a Windows environment, you do not have to provide a registry file because the Rose Model Import wizard has access to the required information. However, if you are importing a Rose model on a machine that does not have Rose installed, you should provide a registry file. For more information on registry files and when to create and use them, refer to the Rose import release notes.


  1. Click the source model Browse button. The Import Rose Model window opens.
  2. Select the Rose model (MDL) file you want to import and click Open.
  3. If you are importing a model in a UNIX or Linux environment, or if you are importing a model on a machine that does not have Rose installed, click the registry file Browse button. The Registry File to Import window opens.
  4. Select the appropriate registration (REG) file, and click Open. The specified paths appear in the Source model and Registry file fields.

What to do next

Now you can select a new project or reference an existing project to contain your models.