Selecting a destination project

You can use the Import a Rose Model page of the Rational Rose Model Import wizard to create a new project or reference an existing one for an imported model and related profiles.

Before you begin

Before you specify a new or existing project, you must select the Rose model you want to import.

About this task

To select a destination project, complete one of the following steps:
  • Click Existing project, navigate to an already defined project using the Browse button, and then click Next.
  • Click New project, type a project name, specify a location, and then click Next.
    Note: If you decide to create a new project outside of the default location, clear the Use default check box.


By default, the Rational Rose Model Import wizard creates new profiles in a separate project from the imported model. The automatically generated name of the profile contains the name of the model project suffixed by _profiles. For example, if you import a model into the MyModels project, all profiles import into a MyModels_profiles project. You can view the details of imported profiles in the Project Explorer view.

What to do next

Now you can resolve broken references to subunits.