Preserving changes to transformation source code

When you change the Java™ elements in the generated transformation source code, you must edit or remove the corresponding @generated tags. If you edit or remove an @generated tag, the next time that you generate transformation code, your changes are preserved.

About this task

When you generate transformation code, the @generated tag is added to the comments of Java elements such as classes, attributes, and operations. The tag informs the code generator that a specific code element is under its control, which enables the code generator to update the code for the Java element if changes occur to the mapping model. You can modify and extend the transformation code by editing or removing the @generated tag of the Java element that you want to change.

To preserve the changes to a Java element, edit or delete its @generated tag and click File > Save.

For example, you could edit the @generated tag in these ways to preserve the changed elements:
/** @generated NOT */
/** @!generated */