Generating SoaML elements in service model

You can configure the WSDL-to-UML transformation to automatically generate service model elements by applying specific stereotypes from the SoaML profile.

Before you begin

You must have the Service Modeling feature installed.

About this task

By completing these steps, you do not have to manually apply the stereotypes from the SoaML profile to create service model elements in the generated model.


  1. Create a transformation configuration file for the WSDL-to-UML transformation: Click File > New > Transformation Configuration. If Transformation Configuration is not a menu item, click File > New > Other > Transformations > Transformation Configuration.
  2. Complete the steps on the pages in the Transformation Configuration wizard, and click Finish.
  3. In the Transformation Configuration editor, on the Extensions page, select the extension named SOAML Profile Extension.
  4. Click File > Save.
  5. Run the WSDL-to-UML transformation: On the Main page the transformation configuration editor, click Run.


For the WSDL elements listed in the table below, the transformation generates corresponding UML elements that have SoaML profile stereotypes applied:
WSDL element Generated UML element
PortType Interface with the «Service Interface» stereotype applied
Service Port with the «Service» stereotype applied
Definition Component with the «Participant» stereotype applied