Comparing text elements between UML models

You can compare text elements between UML models in separate compare sessions. For example, if you make a change to an attribute name or document field, you can compare each change in a separate compare session.

Before you begin

You must have a compare session open.

About this task

For multiline text elements such as text in a UML opaque expression, opaque behavior, or opaque action, the embedded compare functionality automatically displays the text in the bottom half of the compare view. For text fields that have HTML content such as documentation, the style text will be displayed on the Text tab. You can switch to the embedded compare functionality or use the Compare As Text pop-up menu to make the comparison.


  1. In the Structural changes view, right-click a conflict or a text change; then click Compare As Text.
  2. In the Compare window, navigate through the changes.
  3. After reviewing the differences, click Close Sub Compare Session.