Aligning migrated model element identifiers

You can align model element identifiers between migrated Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) models by comparing them to an identifier mapping database. After you align the migrated models, you can compare, merge, or combine them.

Before you begin

You must have created a model element identifier database.


  1. In the Model ID Alignment view, from the Operation list, select Align model element IDs using ID mapping database.
  2. Click Add Files and browse to the location of your model files. Select one or more model files. Each model file that you add is aligned with a separate database file that you previously created.
  3. To check if any of your models have elements with the same identifier, click Check Duplicate IDs.
  4. To select the location to save the aligned models, in the Save Location of Models with aligned IDs area, specify the location.
    Note: For each set of models that you align, you should specify a new save location, so that you do not overwrite any previously aligned models.
  5. To specify a different model element identifier database folder, click Browse and specify a new folder location.
  6. To specify an alternate database file, click Select Alternate DB File and browse to the location of your database file.
    Note: You must specify an alternate database file if the root identifier of the model that you are aligning does not match the root identifier of any database file.
  7. Click Align Model Element IDs.