UML Modeler


UML Modeler primary package.


Interface Summary
IOclQueryHelper A convenience interface for the execution of OCL expressions and queries on EMF models.
IQueryHelper Utility classes to ease the generation of queries over EMF models
IRepairReferencesProvider This provider allows clients top fix proxy references in a model, for example URIs or IDs or both that point to elements in an imported library.

Class Summary
UMLExportImportUtility A utility class that exposes conversion to and from (export and import) supported formats (Ecore, UML2, UML2 XMI).
UMLModeler A utility class that exposes model and profile lifecycle operations and provides access to the modeling platform.
UMLProfileUtility Provides utility methods for UML profiles.

Exception Summary
InvalidOclExpressionException Exception indicating an attempt to evaluate an invalid OCL expression.

Package Description

UML Modeler primary package. This package exposes the entry point for the UML Modeler API though UMLModeler.

Package Specification

The UML Modeler API consists of static utility classes: UMLModeler, UMLProfileUtility and UMLImportExportUtility. There are also several other classes and interfaces that are accessible from UMLModeler. The implementation of these other classes and interfaces spans several plug-ins in the product. These plug-ins are re-exported from the plug-in that exposes UMLModeler, which is To use the UML Modeler extensibility, API clients must only add a single plug-in dependency to

Extensibility Architecture

The foundation of the UML Modeler extensibility is called the modeling platform. The modeling platform consists of a set of services that enable the management of UML models and is based on a UML meta-model that the Eclipse MDT UML2 Component provides. Because the meta-model is an EMF-based implementation of the UML 2.2 specification, the objects that represent user models are UML2 objects.

For example, UMLModeler.openModel returns a UML2 object Package in most cases. Like all UML2 objects, Package indirectly extends the EModelElement EMF object.

The following modeling platform services are also available for EMF-based models:

Indexing Services
Services that perform basic queries on indexed EMF models
Resource Services
Services that allow participation in the model version upgrade and signature writing process
Query Services
Services that perform queries on EMF models.
OCL Query Services
Services that perform Object Constraints Language (OCL) queries on EMF models

For diagraming, the UML Modeler leverages the runtime of the Eclipse GMF project.

For example, createDiagram returns a GMF Diagram. This object contains View objects through its getChildren() method. Each view can be associated with a semantic element. In case of our UML Modeler diagrams, these semantic elements are UML2 Elements and are accessible from the View.getElement() method.

The modeling platform exposes interfaces to help manage notation-based diagrams:

A user interface helper for using UML2 elements
A helper for using UML notation-based diagrams
UML Notation
UML-specific extensions to the GMF notation meta-model

UML Modeler

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