Saving merged models

You can save a merged model after you resolve all its conflicts. You can also save a separate copy of a merged model to any location. If you save a copy, you continue to work on the original merged model in the merge editor.


To save a merged model, in the Merged result view, complete one of the following steps:
  • To save the model as the left contributor, click Save as Left contributor.
  • To save the model as the right contributor, click Save as Right contributor.
  • To save a copy of the model, click Save a Copy, specify where to save it, what to name it, and click Save.
  • To save all changes in a ClearCase® merge session, click Commit Merge Session. In the Commit Merge Session dialog, click Commit Result.
  • To save changes in the Rational Team Concert™ conflict editor, click File > Save or press the Ctrl+S keys. Changes are saved to the model in the current workspace.