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Lesson 2: Import and set up the model

Before you can generate a report, you must import the model.


To import the model:

  1. In the new instance of Eclipse, open the online Help, double-click Samples > UML models, and click Mobile telephone architecture sample.
  2. On the mobile telephone architecture sample page, click the Import the sample link.
  3. In the wizard, leave the default project name, Mobile Telephone Architecture, and click Finish.
  4. If the Open Associated Perspective window opens and prompts you to switch to the Modeling perspective, click Yes.
  5. In the Project Explorer view, expand the Mobile Telephone Architecture project and expand Models. You should see an entry named Mobile telephone architecture model, which is the model for which you will generate a report.
  6. To open the model, right-click Mobile telephone architecture model; then click Open.


You can now generate the report of the model.

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