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Lesson 1: Import the sample UML models

Before you can create a report design, you must have a model that includes all the elements that you intend to put in the report.

About this task

For this tutorial, you import a project with two UML models:

  • The Catering Business Model: This model includes the type of content that you might put in a report. The Rational Business Modeling profile is applied to the model, which contains a small number of business use cases and business actors for a catering business.
  • The Sample Business Model: This model is a simplified version of the Catering Business Model. The model includes all the content types of the Catering Business Model, but none of its content.

To simplify the design process, you use the Sample Business Model when you create the report design. After you complete the report design, you use the design to generate a report that displays the contents of the Catering Business Model.


To import the models:

  1. Go to the Sample UML models for creating BIRT reports.
  2. On the sample page, click the Import the sample link; then click Finish.
  3. If the Open Associated Perspective window opens, click Yes.
  4. In the Project Explorer view, expand the Sample reporting project project and the Models node. You should see the entries Catering Business Model and Sample Business Model.
  5. Open the two models and review their contents.


You are now ready to start designing a report.

Note: Some information, such as links to Eclipse documentation or to developer guides, is available only from the help topics that are installed with the product.
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