Importing Rational Rose user-defined data types as classes

In IBM® Rational Rose®, you can define and assign data types to attributes, parameters, or function return types by editing the type field in Rational Rose specifications. However, in the IBM DevOps Software Architect, you can only assign data types to attributes, method parameters, or method return types that are available in the model and model libraries. When you import Rational Rose models, you can override the default settings so that user-defined data types import as classes rather than primitive types.

About this task

Note: Before version 7.5.1, when the Rational Rose model import wizard detected an unresolved user-defined data type (data types that are not part of the standard primitive or derived data types defined by any programming language set) for an attribute, method parameter, or method return type, the import wizard applied a Rose Property Stereotype to preserve the type.


  1. Save any open models and close the DevOps Software Architect.
  2. In a text editor, open the eclipse.ini file that resides in the following default location: X:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\. In this example, X represents the drive on which Rational® Software Delivery Platform is installed.
  3. Modify the eclipse.ini file by adding the -Dtype=class option.
  4. Save and close the eclipse.ini file.

What to do next

You can now start the Rational modeling product and import the Rational Rose model so that Rose user-defined types import as classes.