The Rational Modeling Platform (RMP) is the foundation upon which IBM Rational modeling solutions are based. Its most visible feature consists of a UML Modeler whose modeling editors, views and tools are built using the various services offered by the platform.


RMP is based on the Eclipse technology, an open source tool integration platform. Rational modeling solutions are distributed with a copy of Eclipse. Modeling products can be installed with their own copy of Eclipse, or they can be installed to leverage a pre-existing compatible Eclipse installation.

High-Level Component Diagram

Extensibility Technologies

There are two ways to extend the Rational Modeling Platform, using pluglets and using plug-ins. The former offers a quick way to automate simple tasks. The latter enables the full use of the extensibility. Both are based on the Java language. We present both ways in this guide.


This programmer's guide presents the architecture of the Rational Modeling Platform and exposes the various ways its services can be leveraged in order to extend IBM Rational modeling solutions.

Extending IBM Rational modeling solutions is accomplished by leveraging the APIs defined in both the Rational Modeling Platform and the various Eclipse Technologies used by the product. This guide fully covers the former and provides enough information about the Eclipse technologies to accomplish simple tasks. For a more in-depth coverage of Eclipse technologies, it is recommended reading the separate developer guides available for each such technology from the "Extending the workbench" topic available in this online book.

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