Integrated process guidance

You can obtain process guidance with a set of integrated features and content within the Rational® Software Delivery Platform.

The process methodology is a software engineering process that details a disciplined approach to assigning and managing tasks and responsibilities in a development organization. The goal of this process is to produce, within a predictable schedule and budget, high-quality software that meets the needs of its users.

The process methodology captures many of the best practices in modern software development and presents them in a custom form that is suitable for a wide range of projects and organizations. You access and configure process information directly in the Software Delivery Platform, using the following features:

The Process Advisor view

The Process Advisor view provides contextual process guidance on model elements within diagrams. When you select elements in a UML diagram, the system conducts a dynamic search of process content based on the context of your selection and the settings on the Process page of the Preferences window. The results of the search are displayed as topic links in the Process Advisor. Clicking a link opens the topic content in the Process Browser window.

You can also initiate a search from the Process Advisor by clicking the Process Search button.

The Process Browser window

The Process Browser window displays the full set of process content from the installed process configuration and provides navigation to topics with the use of three tabs: Process Views, Search Results, and Index.

A process view is the hierarchical set of process elements represented in and displayed by the process content tree in the view pane, and associated with a particular role or major category. Each process view is represented by a tabbed pane, as shown in the following figure.

process view represented as tabbed pane

You can manage the views of these process elements by using the toolbar buttons at the top of the window.

You can perform the following tasks in the Process Browser:
  • Browse topics in the process view
  • Browse the index
  • Search for words or phrases
  • Customize process content by creating tailored process views

Process content and configuration

Process configurations customize the various elements of the process methodology, including templates, guidelines, and examples. As installed, the process configuration provides basic process guidance to help you get started. This configuration is a subset of the full process information available in the standard configuration of the process methodology.

You can establish the process configuration you want to use when accessing process guidance. The Process page of the Preferences window enables you to set the location of your preferred process installation.

You can also configure your process preferences to filter the information that is searched and displayed. You can configure the settings based on role, artifact type, and process element.