Importing rule files for software analyses

Use the Rules tab to import an analysis rule file that you previously exported.

About this task

Import a rule file to:

You can import a rule file for a software analysis that you previously exported. You might want to import a rule file to modify or review it if you are sharing it with other developers, or you might want to use it to define the rules for an analysis configuration in the UI.

To import a rule file:


  1. Click Run > Analysis.
  2. In the Software Analyzer window, click the Rules tab.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Browse to the rule file to select it, and click Open. The Analysis Domains and Rules list is populated with the rule file information.
  5. Optional: To modify the rules, change them in the Analysis Domains and Rules list and save the rule file.
  6. Optional: To save the rule file as an analysis configuration, assign it a name and save it as a configuration.