Enabling and disabling transformation extensions

During the development and testing phases of creating transformation extension, you can enable or disable individual TransformationExtension elements. After you deploy the plug-in that contains the transformation extension, ensure that each TransformationExtension element is enabled. By default, TransformationExtension elements are enabled.

Before you begin

You must open the plug-in manifest file of the transformation extension. The manifest file must contain a TransformationExtension element.


  1. In the manifest editor, on the Extensions tab, click a TransformationExtension element.
  2. In the Extension Element Details area, from the enabled list, select one of the following values:
    • To enable the TransformationExtension element, click true. By default, TransformationExtension elements are enabled.
    • To disable the TransformationExtension, click false. When you run the transformation extension, this TransformationExtension element does not run.
  3. Click File > Save.

What to do next

Before you deploy the transformation extension plug-in, enable each TransformationExtension element and delete the elements that should not be deployed in the transformation extension.