Creating transformations

You can create transformations that transform models into models, transform models into text or code, or create transformations that transform code into models in a different way from the language-specific transformations in the product. You should create a transformation if you cannot generate the required transformation output by extending an existing transformation. You can create a transformation in any Eclipse plug-in project.

About this task

When you create a transformation by using the New Transformation Authoring Project wizard, the following artifacts are generated in the plug-in automatically:
  • An instance of the transformation provider extension point
  • A transformation provider implementation
  • A transformation implementation
  • Optional: An implementation file for each rule that you specify

You can also add these elements manually to any existing Eclipse plug-in.

For more information about these elements, see the following developer guides:
  • Rational® Transformation Developer Guide
  • Rational Transformation Authoring Developer Guide
Note: Some information, such as links to Eclipse documentation or to developer guides, is available only from the help topics that are installed with the product.