Running the RAS Ant examples

The RAS Ant examples are written as targets in the build.xml Ant build files, in the Ant and AntPluginProject folders in the imported sample.

Before you begin

For more information about Ant support, see the Workbench overview topics.


  1. Click Window > Open Perspective > Other > Java to open the Java™ perspective.
  2. Click Window > Show View > Package Explorer to open the Package Explorer view.
  3. In the Package Explorer view, expand the Ant folder, right-click the build.xml file, and then click Run > External Tools. The External Tools window opens.
  4. In left pane, click Ant Build and click New.
  5. On the Main page, select the Capture output check box.
  6. Click the Targets tab and check the targets to execute.
  7. Click the JRE tab.
  8. Click Run in the same JRE as the workspace.
  9. Click Run.

What to do next

The Ant build file runs on the selected targets. The Console view displays any applicable execution results as the build file runs. The targets within the build file document the expected results.