Creating nested interfaces in domain modeling class diagrams

You can use domain modeling class diagrams to create Java™ interfaces that are enclosed in other types (nested interfaces).

Before you begin

You must have a domain modeling class diagram open.


  1. On the diagram editor tool palette, click Interface and click an empty space inside the class diagram.
  2. In the New Java Interface wizard, in the Source Folder box, select the source folder in which you want the new interface to reside.
  3. Select the Enclosing type option and click Browse.
  4. In the Enclosing Type Selection window, select the type in which to enclose the new interface, and then click Add and OK.
  5. In the Name field, type the name for the new interface.
  6. Select an access modifier (public, default, private, or protected).
  7. Click Add next to the Extended Interfaces box and, in the Extended Interfaces Selection window, select the extended interfaces; then click Add and OK.
  8. Click Finish.