Creating links from the Links property tab

The Requirement Management Integration feature adds a Links tab in the Properties view for all model elements. From the Links tab, you can create links from the model element to requirements.

About this task

The Links tab in the Properties view appears only for elements to which UML URL elements can be added.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, locate the element for which you want to create a link.
  2. Open Properties view and click the Links tab.
  3. Click the Add a New LinkAdd a New Link button button.

    Link property

  4. In the Add Link dialog box, choose the type of link to create in the Link Type drop-down. If you have multiple connections and/or project areas, use the Project drop-down list to select the project area that contains the requirement you want to link to. Use the Type drop-down list to select whether you want to link to a requirement or a collection of requirements.

    Add Link dialog box

  5. The area in the Link to group is populated by DNG. You may have to resize the dialog to make it fit. You can use the features provided by DNG in this dialog to search for the target requirement or collection. After you find the requirement or collection, select it and press the OK button to create the link. The created link appears in the Links tab in the Properties view.
    Create link
  6. Use the Delete Link toolbar button in this view to delete a selected link. Use Delete All Links if you want to delete all links from the model element.

What to do next

You can double-click on a link to navigate to the target requirement or collection in DNG. By default, it will be opened in the internal web browser, but you can use an external web browser instead by changing the preference in General – Web Browser.