Creating links by dragging and dropping

The Requirement Management Explorer view shows all requirements and collections that are contained in a project area. The folders that contain the requirements and collections are also displayed.

You can create links to requirements and collections shown in this view by dragging and dropping model elements from the Project Explorer onto the target requirement or collection. This way of creating links can be faster than using the Properties view, especially in case you want to link multiple model elements to the same requirement. You can then simply select all those model elements and drag and drop them onto the target requirement.

You can also drag requirements and collections from the Requirement Management Explorer view and drop them onto a model element shown in a diagram. This will both create a link from the model element to the requirement or collection, as well as visualize it using a URL element on the diagram as shown in the following example:

If you select the URL element you can see more information about the linked requirement in the Properties view. You can also edit the URL there, but this is not recommended since the changes may be overwritten when you synchronize the links (see Refreshing and Synchronizing Links).

Creating links by drag and drop will prompt you for what kind of link to create.

You can avoid this prompting by Setting a Default Link Type.

To navigate to a linked requirement, right-click on the element in the diagram or Project Explorer are perform the command Navigate – To URL.