Interpretation of UML elements by UML-to-WSDL transformations

The WSDL elements that the transformation transforms depends on the source UML elements and their characteristics.

The following table lists how the UML-to-WSDL transformation transforms UML elements.

UML element Transformation output
Component with the «Participant», «serviceProvider», or «servicePartition» stereotype applied Service
Interface with the «ServiceInterface» or «ServiceSpecification» stereotype applied Port type
Model or package Target namespace and namespace prefix is based on the model or package name

To indicate where the transformation creates the WSDL and XSD documents that it generates, the transformation appends the name of the model or package to the target location that the transformation configuration specifies

Operation WSDL operations and WSDL messages
Parameter WSDL parts

If the IsException property of an out parameter is set to true, the transformation generates a fault message

Port Provides binding, name, and location information about the WSDL service