Validating target artifacts in merge sessions for transformations

As you resolve differences and update existing target content with the output that a transformation generates, you can check to ensure that the domain files remain valid.


  1. Right-click a file in the Target pane; then click Validate. If unsaved changes exist in the selected file, a dialog box prompts you to save the file. Click Yes.
    Note: To suppress this dialog box, in the transformation configuration, select Save changes before validating files for visual merges.
  2. In the Validate pane, review any validation errors and edit the affected files in the Existing target content pane, if necessary.
  3. Save the changed files.

What to do next

After you resolve all differences or mark them as merged, you can close the transformation output merge session.

To automatically validate all resources when you save a resource, in the transformation configuration, select Automatically validate saved changes for visual merges. The changes are applied in the next transformation merge session.