Sketching simple UML diagrams

Sketches are simple, independent diagrams. Sketches can illustrate any business process or technology-related concept at a high level of abstraction. You can use the sketching tools along with the UML modeling tools to create a model in simple terms before working with specific UML elements.

About this task

Sketches are available in version 8.0.1 and later.

You can use sketches along with UML models in the following ways:
  • You can use sketch elements in your diagrams to create a model at a high level of abstraction. Then, you can convert the sketch elements to UML elements to continue modeling in more detail. See Converting sketch elements to UML elements.
  • You can create a sketch as a starting point for modeling, and when you are ready, you can convert the sketch to a new UML model or diagram in an existing UML model. See Converting sketches to models.
  • You can convert UML elements to sketch elements to move to a much higher level of abstraction. See Converting UML elements to sketch elements.