Refreshing query results in the diagram

You can rerun all the update tool queries that are saved to a diagram by refreshing the query results in the diagram.

Before you begin

You must first save at least one update tool query to the diagram.


Complete one of the following steps:
  • On the toolbar, click the Refresh the query results on the diagram button.
  • Click Diagram > Refresh Query Results.


The update tool scans the model for elements, by using each query that is saved to the diagram. If an element in the query result already exists in the diagram, then the diagram element is reused. If an element does not already exist in the diagram, a new diagram element is created and added to the diagram. Relationships between elements on the diagram are also shown. The layout of the existing diagram elements does not change.

Any elements that were added previously and that do not correspond to the query results are not removed from the diagram. If a query is selected in the Outline view, the elements are highlighted in the diagram that correspond to the result of the last query that ran. This feature enables you to identify the diagram elements that no longer correspond to the query result.