Managing page breaks in UML diagrams

In UML diagrams, you can display page breaks and store the page break information with the diagrams. If you make changes to the print parameters, such as page size, margins, or orientation, the page breaks are updated in the diagrams. You can also recalculate page breaks after you make changes to diagrams and center diagrams on a minimum number of pages for printing.

Before you begin

Note: You can print or preview diagrams in Windows environments only.
The open diagram must contain elements that span several pages. You must also have a printer installed on your system so that information about the printer and its settings are available to the application for calculating page breaks.

About this task

To manage the page breaks in a UML diagram, in the diagram editor, right-click an empty space; then click View and complete one of the following steps:
  • To view the page breaks, click Page Breaks.
  • To recalculate the page breaks, click Recalculate Page Breaks.


The diagram elements are displayed within the boundaries for the updated page breaks.