Managing interaction operands in sequence diagrams

In sequence diagrams, an interaction operand is a container that groups interaction fragments, such as messages, that runs if the guard condition is true. An interaction operand is created automatically when you create a combined fragment. You can add new interaction operands to combined fragments that allow multiple operands, such as alternative, parallel, strict, or weak combined fragments. You can also remove and reposition interaction operands in a combined fragment to reflect changes in your system.

Before you begin

You must have a sequence diagram open that contains lifelines and combined fragments.

About this task

To add, remove, or reposition interaction operands in a combined fragment, complete one of the following steps:
Note: You can not remove the last operand of a combined fragment.


What to do next

Tip: To create an interaction operand above or below an interaction operand, select an operand and click Interaction Operand > Add before or Add after.