Making elements the same size in UML diagrams

In UML diagrams, you can make elements the same height and width, height, or width to improve the appearance or readability of the diagrams.

About this task

When you make diagram elements the same size, the elements assume the size of the primary selected element, which has filled sizing handles. Your selection method determines which element is primary. The following table shows which element's size is applied, based on the selection method.
Selection method Element whose size is applied
Select All menu item Last element that you added to the diagram
Marquee selection tool in the Palette Nearest element to the starting point of the selection border
Ctrl or Shift Last element that you select


  1. In the diagram editor, select the diagram elements to resize.
  2. Click Diagram > Make Same Size and complete one of the following steps:
    • To make the elements the same height and width, click Both.
    • To make the elements the same height, click Height.
    • To make the elements the same width, click Width.