Linking sketch elements to external resources

You can create independent links to resources outside the sketch, or you can add links to sketch elements that point to resources outside the sketch.

About this task

To add an independent link from a sketch to an outside resource, add a URL Link element from the Palette and then click it to set the target of the link, as shown in the following figure.
Adding a link to a sketch


You can also apply one or more links to a sketch element:

  1. Right-click a sketch element and then click Sketch Links > Add URL Link.
  2. In the Create URL window, specify the target of the link and the display name for the link, and then click OK. For the target of the link, you can specify a URL or click Browse File and specify a file on your computer. In most cases, select the Use relative path representation for all file references check box to show the path to the file relative to the sketch.
  3. Repeat these steps to add more links to the element.


When you select the sketch element, a link icon indicates that the element has one or more links, as shown in the following figure:
The link icon and a popup window that shows the links
To follow the links, click the link icon and then click the link.
Selecting the link to follow from the list of links
To edit a link, right-click the sketch element, click Sketch Links > Edit Link, and select the link to edit.