Interaction uses in sequence diagrams

In sequence diagrams, interaction uses enable you to reference other existing interactions. You can construct a complete and complex sequence from smaller simpler interactions.

An interaction use is represented by a frame, similar to a combined fragment. The "ref" tag is placed inside the frame and the name of the interaction being referenced is placed inside the frame's content area, along with parameters and return types.

In the Properties view, on the Arguments page, you can specify how arguments are acquired and other properties that the interaction use might require.


In the following example, an interaction use references an interaction called Interaction2. The example references Interaction2, which is an interaction between the bank teller and the bank manager. Interaction2 shows the messages from the bank teller and the bank manager while the customer completes the loan application information in Interaction1.

Referencing interaction
Interaction1 shows and interaction use that refers to Interaction2.
Referenced interaction
Interaction2 shows the messages that the bank teller and the manager pass.