Importing sketches into other sketches

You can import sketches to divide a complex sketch into several other sketches.

About this task

Importing sketches does not create copies of sketch elements. Instead, importing a sketch creates a reference to that sketch so you can access it easily.

You can import a sketch in several different ways:
  • You can drag a sketch from the Project Explorer view to the sketch editor.
  • From the Sketch Shapes drawer of the Palette, you can drag a New Sketch to the sketch.
  • If you have a sketch with many elements in it, you can click New Sketch in the Palette and drag a rectangle around some of the elements. The sketch editor moves these elements to a new sketch and imports the new sketch into the original sketch.


When you import a sketch in this way, the imported sketch appears as a rectangle. You can click the name of the imported sketch to open that sketch. By default, the imported sketch has a link to the old sketch.

You can move or copy elements from one sketch to another by dragging and dropping elements on the rectangle or link that represents the other sketch, as in the following figure:

Moving an element by dragging it to a link to another sketch