Creating global choreography tasks in BPMN diagrams

You can create a global choreography task when you add a call choreography to the diagram editor or you can add one in the Project Explorer view.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click Global Choreography Tasks; then click Create Global Choreography Task.
  2. On the Properties page, type a name for the global choreography task.
  3. Optional: On the Participants page, click the Add icon to add participants to the task. To delete a participant, select the participant and click the Delete icon. To set a participant as the initiating participant, click the participant and click the initiating icon .
  4. Optional: To create a message, click the Message Flow page and click the Add icon.
    1. In the Select Source Participant window, click the source participant.
    2. In the Select Target Participant window, click the target participant.
    3. Type a name for the message.
    4. To specify a message, click the Add icon to create a new one, or click the Browse icon to select an existing message.
    5. To define a message structure, you can create a new item definition or select from an existing definition. You can use the Browse icon to specify the structure type if a structure type is not defined for the item definition.