Creating gateways in BPMN diagrams

Gateways are BPMN elements that allow the control of paths that can be taken in the BPMN diagram. A gateway can be used to consolidate or split paths or can provide additional paths based on an expression or event.


In the Palette, under Gateway elements, click and drag a gateway type to the diagram editor.
  • Exclusive: Select when only one path can be taken.
  • Inclusive: Select when multiple paths can be taken.
  • Parallel: Select when a path can be split into multiple paths or combined into a single path.
  • Complex: Select when the path taken is determined by an expression. You will need to provide the activation condition that when true will take the path.
  • Event-Based: Select when the path to be taken is determined by an event occurrence. You can select to instantiate the gateway and whether the gateway is exclusive or parallel.