Creating choreography tasks in BPMN diagrams

A choreography task represents an initiating participant that sends a message to a receiving participant. Choreography tasks can contain messages and other resources. Choreography tasks can be sequenced together with other choreography tasks. You can also link participants from a different model to the choreography task. You can specify an initiating message as well as the response from the receiving participant, with or without a message.


  1. In the Palette, click Choreography task.
  2. In the diagram editor, click to add the choreography task.
    1. In the Select Initiating Participant window, select Select Participant from Another Model or Create Participant .
    2. In the Select Noninitiating Participant window, select an existing participant from the same model or from a collaboration model or create a participant.
  3. Optional: If you selected an Initiating and Noninitiating participant from a collaboration model, you can in the Properties view, click the Add Message icon to define a message flow. You can also define a message from the noninitiating participant in the choreography task.
    Tip: You can assign a message to a choreography task by dragging a message for the Project Explorer view onto the participant band of the choreography task. You can also click the Message icon on the Palette and click the participant band of the choreography task to create a new message.