Adding UPIA elements to diagrams

You can add UPIA elements to diagrams to define an architecture model.

Before you begin

Before you add UPIA elements, ensure that the appropriate UPIA capabilities are enabled and that the UPIA profile is applied to the model. Also, ensure the you enable the model viewpoints to make the appropriate items available for selection on the Palette. For example, setting the viewpoint to Model enables all UPIA Palette tools.


  1. In the Palette, on the Create tab, click the section that contains the element to add to the diagram.
  2. Click an element and then click inside the diagram. If the element must be contained by another UPIA element, a pop-up menu opens that enables you to create or select an element.
  3. If required, create the containing element or select an existing container.


The UPIA element is added to the diagram.