Assigning patterns to groups

Every pattern must be assigned to at least one group. A pattern is assigned to the default group Miscellaneous Patterns if the pattern author does not specify one.

About this task

Groups are used by the pattern applier to organize patterns in the Pattern Explorer view. They allow the pattern to be represented independent of the pattern library. New groups can be assigned in the Pattern Explorer view. Groups can also be deleted, provided that all patterns in the group appear in another open group; however, the pattern maintains a record of the original assignments and all patterns in the Pattern Explorer view can be reverted back to display the original group assignments.

Using the RAS Asset Explorer view, you can also view the same list of patterns in its Pattern Repository as you can in the Pattern Explorer view. Groups added to either the Pattern Repository in the Asset Explorer view or to the Pattern Explorer view are visible in both views. Groups are known as folders in the Asset Explorer view.

Refer to the following example of two projects as they appear during the design phase in the Pattern Authoring view and later as completed patterns in the Pattern Explorer view. In the Pattern Explorer view, each pattern is listed in a group and some are listed in multiple groups. The projects, which correspond to the pattern libraries, are not referenced in the Pattern Explorer view.

Pattern Authoring view with two projects.
Pattern Explorer view showing gorups

You can add groups when you create a pattern with the New Pattern wizard. Later, you can modify or add more groups.


  1. In the Pattern Authoring view, right-click the pattern and click Show Properties View.
  2. In the Properties view, click the Value cell for Groups property and then click the button that is displayed. The Pattern Groups window opens.
  3. Add or remove groups for the pattern by using the Add and Remove buttons as appropriate.
  4. Click OK.


The changes are viewable in the pattern's Groups property and the project's Groups property is updated; the project keeps a list of all the groups assigned to its member patterns.