Creating mapping declarations in mapping models

You can create mapping declarations, also called maps, in a mapping model. When you author transformations, you can use a mapping declaration to specify how attributes in an input object correspond to attributes of an output object.

Before you begin

You must have a mapping model open. A mapping model has .mapping as a file name extension.


  1. Right-click in the editor area; then click Create Map.
  2. In the New Map dialog box, in the Map name field, specify a name for the map.
  3. Click OK. The map is displayed in the Outline view, and opens in the editor area under the Mapping Root section.
  4. Click File > Save.

What to do next

Note: To edit an existing mapping declaration, click its name in the Outline view. To delete a mapping declaration from a mapping model, in the Outline view, click the mapping declaration and click Delete.