Updating mapping models after source models change

If you modify the source model of a transformation configuration, you can update the corresponding mapping model to reflect the changes.

Before you begin

You must have mapping enabled in the transformation configuration.

About this task

When you add model elements to the source model, you can then specify alternate file names for the files that the transformation generates for the added model elements. When you move model elements within the source model, for example from one package to another, you can update the mapping model to include the location of the moved source model elements. When you remove model elements from the source model, you can update the mapping model to reflect this change.


  1. In the navigation view, right-click a transformation configuration file; then click Open.
  2. Click the Mapping tab.
  3. On the Mapping page, click Update Mapping Model.
  4. In the Update Options window, select the appropriate check boxes:
    • If you added elements to the source model, select the Add Artifacts for new source elements check box.
    • If you moved elements in the source model, select the Update model structure using source element structure check box.
    • If you removed elements from the source model, select the Remove empty packages and orphan artifacts check box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If the Update Mapping Model window or the Removing Artifacts and Packages window appears, review the list of artifacts. Clear the check boxes for artifacts that you do not want to relocate or delete; then click OK.
  7. In the Update Results window, review the list of artifacts; then click OK. The Project Explorer view displays the updated mapping model.