Creating object diagrams

You can create object diagrams by instantiating the classifiers that exist in a UML model, or you can create a new object diagram and then add the required instances. You can add to object diagrams any UML element that can be instantiated.

Before you begin

Depending on how you prefer to work, or which phase of the project you are in, you can model instances of classifiers by creating a new UML object diagram or by instantiating existing model elements. For example, before creating a class diagram, you might create an object diagram to illustrate examples of the classifiers, or if you want to test the accuracy of a class diagram, you might create a set of object diagrams from the existing classes.

You must be in the Modeling perspective and the model must contain at least one element that can be instantiated.

About this task

To create an object diagram from an existing model element, in either the Project Explorer view or the diagram editor, right-click a model element; then click Instantiate > Create new object diagram.


A new object diagram opens in the diagram editor and an instance of the model element that you selected is displayed.

What to do next

You can add more instances and links between those instances to depict a snapshot of the system that the model describes.