Exploring diagrams and model elements in compare and merge sessions by using the browse mode

You can use the browse mode in the compare editor to explore diagrams and properties of model elements during a compare or merge session.

Before you begin

You must have a compare or merge session open in the compare editor.

About this task

During a compare or merge session, you can use the browse mode to see detailed information about changes such as additions or deletions that contain many nested elements. Although you can see the model tree in the Explorer view, you cannot see detailed properties of each added child element or you must open diagrams to see them.
Note: Browse mode is not supported when compare and merge is used on topology models.

To help you see detailed information about the contributor models or the current merged result model, the browse mode shows all the contributor panes and the merged result pane. Each pane consists of the Explorer, Properties, and Diagram views. To show the additional EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) tree and EMF properties tabs, select the Display EMF tabs in the Compare/Merge Editor option on the preferences page (Window > Preferences > General > Compare/Patch > Modeling Compare/Merge > EMF Compare/Merge).


  1. In the compare editor, click Browse.
  2. In the Explorer view, right-click a model element or a diagram; then click one of the following items:
    • Show in Properties
    • Show in Diagram


You can now inspect the model elements or diagrams in the Properties view or the Diagram view.
Note: When you switch from the compare mode to the browse mode, the selected element in the model tree does not change, which helps you keep focus on the element.