Reordering the stereotypes that are applied to UPIA model elements

The first stereotype that is applied to a model element controls the icons or shapes that appear for that element. When you apply a new stereotype, you must reorder the list of stereotypes to display the icons and shapes of the new stereotype.

Before you begin

First, you must define custom stereotypes in a new UML profile, apply the profile to a model, and then apply the customized stereotypes to the model elements.


  1. In the Project Explorer view or in a diagram, right-click an element that has multiple stereotypes applied to it; then click UPIA Modeling > Reorder Stereotypes.
  2. Select the stereotype whose icon or shape should be displayed for the element; then move it to the top of the list by clicking the Up button.
  3. Click OK.

What to do next

If the icon or shape does not change for the model element immediately, close and reopen the diagram; if necessary, close and reopen the model to make the changes appear.