Searching repositories

To locate a RAS asset that is saved in a repository, you supply keywords that are compared with parts of the RAS asset manifest files. You can also perform a more complex search by building queries to search one or more connected repositories.

Before you begin

About this task

When the asset creator exported the asset, the creator had the opportunity to specify keywords to be used for searching.

To search connected repositories for RAS assets:


  1. In the Asset Explorer view, click the Open Search dialog button search icon. The RAS Search page of the Search window opens.
    Note: You may need to enable the Reusable Asset Management capabilities in the Preferences window if the Asset Explorer view is not visible. (To set these capabilities, click Window > Preferences, expand Workbench, and click Capabilities.)
  2. Under Search using, complete one of the following steps:
    • To search using keywords, click Keyword and type one or more keywords, optionally including a wildcard character. Each word must be delimited with a space. The search seeks whole or partial keyword matches. The search keywords are not case-sensitive.
    • Type an asterisk (*) to see all RAS assets that are contained in a repository. When wildcard characters are used in your search, the asterisk is replaced by zero or more characters and the question mark (?) is replaced by one character.
    • Select a keyword from list of previously used keywords.
    • To search using a query, click Query and click Choose to select an existing search query or create a new one. Note: Searching on XDE repositories using queries is not fully supported. The query is used as keywords and additional query options like NOT, AND, and OR. are ignored.
  3. Under Scope, click All Open Repositories or Selected Repositories, depending on what you want to search. To select the repositories, click Choose.
  4. Click Search.


The search results, if any, are displayed in the Search view, by match ranking.

What to do next