Migrating from the Software Services profile to the SoaML profile

The Software Services profile is an IBM® proprietary UML profile that allows you to capture service details in UML models. However, with the recent addition of the services modeling tools that are based on the Service-oriented architecture Modeling Language (SoaML) standard, UML models that have the Software Services profile applied should migrate to the SoaML profile to take full advantage of SoaML and the services modeling tools going forward.

Before you begin

When you open a UML model that contains the Software Services profile, a window is displayed that notifies you that the profile applied to it. You should take the following steps to migrate to the SoaML profile.


  1. Open a UML model that has the Software Services profile applied.
  2. In the Project Explorer view, right-click the root package or model; then click Migrate to SoaML profile. The tool parses the model, applies the SoaML profile, and replaces Software Services profile stereotypes with appropriate corresponding SoaML profile stereotypes and removes the Software Services profile.
  3. Save the model.