NIST SP800-131A compliance

List of components that are compliant with the requirements defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications 800-131a.

Various components of IBM® DevOps Model Architect support the requirements defined by the NIST Special Publications 800-131a. This set of requirements strengthens the security by defining standard algorithms and minimum key length that must be used to improve security. The new standard defines the transitioning of the cryptographic algorithms and key lengths to the new levels as required by the end of year 2013.

For more information, see Transitions: Recommendation for Transitioning the Use of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Lengths. The following list of components adheres to this requirement:
  • Communication with IBM WebSphere® Application Server Full Profile. For more information, see Transitioning WebSphere Application Server Full Profile to the SP800-131 security standard.
  • Communication with IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile (version 8.5.5 and later)
  • Communication with IBM WebSphere Portal Server including XML access requests
  • Communication with IBM Workload Deployer
  • Communication when using the code coverage functionality against remote applications (when using the Rational® Agent Controller)
  • Communication when using the profiling capabilities against remote applications (when using the Rational Agent Controller)
  • Communication with remote resources by the documentation infrastructure, that is the Welcome page
  • Communication when debugging applications
Important: The communication with the following components fails when using the Transport Layer Security 1.2:
  • Communication with IBM WebSphere Application Server full profile fails if the product is not using an IBM Java™ Runtime Environment.
  • Communication relying on the underlying JSch framework provided by Eclipse fails. For example, Concurrent Versions System (CVS) connectivity using Transport Layer Security 1.2.
Full support for these limitations will be added in a future release.