Links view

If your model contains many links to requirements and collections on several different model elements, you can use the Links View to get an overview of all links in the model. The easiest way to open this view is to use the Quick Access field in the toolbar.

The Links view by default shows all links in your workspace. Also links contained in unloaded models will be included if the option Show links from unloaded models in the view menu is set.

You can use the Filter field to find links of interest. What you type in this field is matched against all columns in the Links view and only those links that match the typed text will be shown. You can use wildcard characters in the filter string (* matches zero to many arbitrary characters, and ? matches exactly one arbitrary character). Here is an example of filtering to show only links of Trace type that are located in the Application project:

You can also click the column headers to sort the links (for example to find all links of a particular kind, or all links located in a particular project).

You can navigate from a link to the model element that is its source by means of the Show in Project Explorer context menu command.

Double-click on a requirement or collection to navigate to it in DNG.