Generating pattern library documentation

You can generate sets of project files that include standard information about the pattern library and its contents. The generated files are opened by the pattern applier from the Pattern Explorer view and they are displayed as part of the online help topic hierarchy.

About this task

Five types of files are generated: library, pattern, parameters, description, and overview. The pattern and the overview files share the same information. Static data in the files include properties such as library names, pattern names, and parameter names, versions, authors, groups, multiplicity, short descriptions, and parameter UML types. You can import a description file for each pattern and each of its parameters. Pattern descriptions are inserted into the description files and parameter descriptions are all inserted in the pattern's parameter file.

You have the option to generate these file sets for the entire project or for individual patterns. If you generate help for at least one pattern in the project, the individual library file is also generated automatically. Although not essential, additional information about the pattern library can be added by using the RAS Manifest editor.

If you do not generate these files, they are not included with the pattern project. If the pattern applier attempts to view the files, a message states that no documentation is available. If you change any of the information that these files contain, you must generate the help files again to update the files.

The following screen capture shows a section of the online Help window showing the pattern specific topics. The pattern online help is displayed under the Applying patterns topics. In this example, the pattern library name is sample.

The online help window with an example pattern help file opened.


To generate online help files, in the Pattern Authoring view, do one of the following steps:
  • To generate the help files for an individual pattern, right-click the pattern library and click Generate Help Files.
  • To generate the help files for a pattern project, right-click the project and click Generate Help Files.


A PatternHelp folder with the generated HTML file for the library is added to the workspace in the \x\PatternFiles folder where x is the name of the pattern project. Depending on how the help was generated, a PatternHelp folder with the three generated HTML files is added to one or all of the \PatternFiles\y folders where y is the name of the pattern..