Applying changes to target models

When you structurally merge models, you can apply a change from the source to the target model. You can also apply a change by type to the target model. For example, you can apply all additions, deletions, or moves from the source model to the target model.

Before you begin

You must have a Combine Models dialog box open.


  1. In the Combine Models dialog box, complete one of the following steps:
    • In the Source pane, select a check box beside an item.
    • In the Pending changes pane, select a check box beside an item.
    • To apply a change by type, click Mark all changes by type; then click a selection.
  2. Click OK.

    You can also filter changes when you structurally merge models, so that they do not appear in the Pending changes, Source, or Target panes. To filter changes, in the Combine Models dialog box, click the Filters icon; then click a selection.

    Tip: When you combine models, you should avoid making a deletion that impacts several changes to the target model. If you accept the change, you can selectively delete items after you combine the models.