Analysis rules and rule categories

A rule is the smallest building block in a software analysis configuration. A rule category is a group of analysis rules that share a common purpose, such as security or performance.

On the Rules tab in the UI, use check boxes to select analysis types, rule categories, and rules. For example, open Java™ Code Review, select Security, and then select J2SE to display a list of security rules:

To create an analysis configuration, you select one or more rules for each analysis type. Selecting a small set of logically related rules has several benefits, see Strategies for creating analysis configurations.

You can run rules without modification or you can modify a rule to suit your purposes. For example, you can modify the severity level setting for a rule. If the rule author allows, you can edit rule parameter values or use the rule as a template for creating custom rules through the UI.

Through the analysis API, you can create rules from scratch and assign them to unique rule categories.