Defining an alias and data type for an attribute

You can define an alias and data type for an attribute using IBM® Digital Analytics Import.

Before you begin

Before you can define aliases for imported attributes, you must define the corresponding import template in IBM Digital Analytics Import. If an import template uses a tag attribute as its primary key, the tag attribute must have an alias before you can define aliases for the attributes in the import template.


  1. Select Explore Attributes in the side navigation pane.
  2. In the Client list, select a client ID.
  3. Select the type of attribute from the Select Attribute Field Type drop-down list. The list items depend on the import configurations and optional tag attributes defined for the client ID. Import solutions always start with "Imported."
  4. For each attribute you want to use in reports, do the following:
    1. Enter a display name (up to 50 characters) in the Alias field.
    2. Select a data type (Text or Number). The data type determines the filter and segment operators available for this attribute.
    3. (Optional) Enter comments (up to 100 characters).
  5. Click Save