7.2.5 Implementation - Opt-Out for Client Managed First Party

To provide opt-out functionality for visitors to a client-managed first party implementation, provide an Opt-Out form or other HTML that allows visitors to select their opt-out preferences.

The opt-out HTML should call the function SetOptOut(value) with one of three possible parameter values:
  • empty ("") for opting-in to full data collection;
  • "opt_out" for complete opt-out of data collection;
  • "anonymous" for opting-in to anonymous data collection.

Opt-Out HTML Example

The HTML code below provides an example opt-out page submitting the SetOptOut function in response to visitor choice. Modify this HTML to incorporate seamlessly into your website with appropriate language, navigation, formatting and images.

<TITLE> Opt Out Page Example </TITLE>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//libs.coremetrics.com/eluminate.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript"> 
// send data to production - Client-Managed 1st Party
<script type="text/javascript">
var currentStatus = cI("CMOptout");

if (!currentStatus) {
	currentStatus = "opt-in";
function setOptOut(value) {
	var futureDate = new Date();
	futureDate.setFullYear(futureDate.getFullYear() + 20);
	document.cookie = "CMOptout=" + value + "; path=/;" + ";
 expires=" + futureDate.toGMTString();
// example of setting cookie domain to 2nd level so opt-out is effective for 
       .thesite.com and all subdomains.
// document.cookie = "CMOptout=" + value "; path=/; domain=.thesite.com" + "; 
       expires=" + futureDate.toGMTString();
	currentStatus = cI("CMOptout");
	if (!currentStatus) {
		currentStatus = "opt-in";

<div id="customerServ-header">
<h2>Site Usage Statistics Settings</h2>

<div id="browse-categories" class="clearfix">

<p>Our IBM Digital Analytics site usage statistics system allows you to view
	or change your profile. There are 3 different levels of data collection:</p>

<div id="opt-out-description">
<li><h4>Change your current opt-out option:</h4></li>

<li><a href="#opted-out-anonymous" onclick="setOptOut('anonymous');">
Click for Anonymous Opt-Out.</a> 
I understand that IBM Digital Analytics will continue to collect and have access 
to certain data about my experience at IBM Digital Analytics' web site
or on any IBM Digital Analytics client web site for which
IBM Digital Analytics collects data using its own cookie. However, such data 
will be presented as part of a pool of general, anonymous visitors.</li>

<li><a href="#opted-out-total" onclick="setOptOut('opt_out');">
Click for Total Opt-Out.</a> 
I understand that no data about my experience will be collected by 
IBM Digital Analytics on its web site or on any IBM Digital Analytics client 
web site for which IBM Digital Analytics collects data using its own cookie.
I understand IBM Digital Analytics will record that a "Total Opt-Out" election 
has been made, so that aggregated totals of "Total Opt-Out" elections can be 
calculated and recorded.</li>

<li><a href="#opted-in" onclick="setOptOut('');">Click to opt-in.</a>
I understand that I will be issued a new IBM Digital Analytics cookie
to enable data collection.</li>
<br><br>  <li><a href="#check-status" onclick="alert('Your current status is: ' +  currentStatus);
">View Current Opt-out Status</a>.</li></ul> </div> </div>
<script type="text/javascript"> cmCreatePageviewTag( "OPT-OUT PAGE", "PRIVACY"); </script>