Update library firmware

Updates the library firmware to ensure it is at the appropriate level for the user. This typically means updating the library to the latest level of firmware with all the latest features and fixes. However, it is possible to install a firmware level that is earlier than the version that the library is running thus back leveling the code to an earlier version.

The library firmware image file name is typically formatted as “TS4500_WXYZ.afwz” or “Diamondback_WXYZ.afwz”, where W, X, Y, and Z are different numbers depending on the firmware version.

When the firmware update completes an automatic restart of the library is executed. During this time the library is temporarily unavailable as it goes through the codeUpdating and restarting states. After the library returns to the online state, the task may be polled to ensure it completes successfully.

The Content-Length HTTP header is required for this request when sent by using REST so that the library can ensure that all the data is transferred properly.

Request syntax

Request body parameters

library firmware image file data (octet-stream)

The contents of the library firmware image file.

type (string, required)

The task type to run. In this case, updateLibraryFirmware.


> POST /v1/tasks [{"type": "updateLibraryFirmware"}]
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Length: 4068268556
<library firmware image file data>
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /v1/tasks/42
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 10
{"ID": 42}

Error handling

  • Returns 500 Internal Server Error if the file is invalid.
  • Returns 400 Bad Request if the REST request header does not include the content type of application/octet-stream with a description that explains it is required.